A Journal of Urban Exploration



Alastair Bonnett
Situationist Poise, Space and Architecture
James Burch
An Account of Some Experimental Dérive in Newcastle
James Burch
Fantasy Island
David Bell
Manchester's Gay Village
Steve Quilley
The Trouble with Camp
Jon Binnie
The Transmaniacs: Reports from Italy's Situationauts
Roberto Bui, Riccardo Paccosi
Interview: Tom Vague
Document: Narrowcasting in Fibrespace
Institute of Fatuous Research
Cette mauvais réputation, by Guy Debord;
Society of the Spectacle (film), by Guy Debord;
The Perfection of Suicide is in its Ambiguity (performance) by Guy Debord;
The Magazine Network, by Geza Perneczky;
The Margins of the City, ed. Steve Whittle;
Negrophobia: An Urban Parable: A Novel, by Darius James;
Race Traitor (Journal);
Civilisation (computer game) by Sid Meier;
Exploding Cinema (event);
3rd Stone, Wisht Maen (two earth mystery magazines)

Published May 1995, London & Newcastle

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