First published in ELPAN No.1

Having discovered the imminent conjunction on 27th November 1992 (as discussed in The Great Conjunction), we were very interested to see what would come to pass on that day. Also we were aware of the impending Lunar eclipse on Wednesday, 9th December, and the Perihelion of the Swift-Tuttle Comet on Saturday, 12th December. We note the following events:

27th November:

The Queen publicly agrees that she will pay income tax.

Fire at the Hofburg, Vienna. This is the imperial palace of the Hapsburgs,where they keep the paraphernalia of the Order of the Golden Fleece, Pietro Strozzi's facsimile of the Veronica made in 1617, and the "Spear of Destiny", allegedly that which was used to stab Christ on the Cross as part of his triple death.

Princess Stephanie of Monaco gave birth to a baby.

9th December:

Private security working for the Ministry of Transport and Tarmac started a vicious attack on the Dongas, at Twyford Down, which lies alongside St. Catherine's Hill.

The separation of Prince Charles and Princess Diana is announced.

12th December:

Princess Anne remarries.

When the Queen spoke of her Annus Horribilis, she mentioned that it was term coined by a correspondent. Such terminology reminds us of Willy Lilly, the seventeenth century astrologer who called the year1652, Annus Tenebrosus. (It was for him, he got thrown in jail for his anti-presbyterian propaganda.)
This makes it clear to those who have doubted it, that the Royal family uses astrologers. Thus also the timing of the agreement to pay tax, these paration and the remarriage fit an obvious pattern. Also it is known that such politicians as Helmut Kohl and Ronald Reagan were influenced by astrologers.We would advise those people who remain sceptical about astrology having any real validity to notice that through adherents in key parts of the state,it nevertheless has a real power.
The fire at Windsor Castle was spectacular in terms of the destruction to St. George's Hall, where the Order of the Garter feast. It also displayed all the coats of arms of people who have belonged to this one of the oldest of all chivalric orders. Although many people see it as merely having a ceremonial function, we believe that it constitutes an important part of the state specifically grouped around the British monarchy.

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