We're back

First published in ELPAN No.1

After thirty five glorious years of non-existence, the LondonPsychogeographical Association is well and truly back.
The LPA was founded onthe outskirts of the Italian mountain village of Cosio d'Arriscia. The namewas invented during the course of the unification conference of the InternationalMovement for an Imaginist Bauhaus (IMIB) and the Lettriste Internationale (LI) to 'increase' the internationalism of the event.
Ralph Rumney (born Wakefield 1934) was its representative although he hadlived in Italy for several years. He proposed a plan to dye the Venice Lagoona bright colour.
This had two apparently different purposes: to see how the population reacted,and as a means of studying the flows and stagnations of the water.
The actual 'unification' of the IMIB, LI and the non-existent LPA took place on 28th July 1957.
After a vote of five in favour, two against and one abstention, a fusion of groups and the founding of the Situationist International was proclaimed.
The revival of the LPA corresponds to the increasing decay in British culture, and indeed of the British ruling elite. It has been, in fact, an historical inevitability.

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